Custom Reports in ValuePRO

Custom Reports in ValuePRO

Creating a custom report in ValuePRO

You need to report on data you collect in ValuePRO? No problem. 

There is a section under reports called “Custom Reports” which allows you to run reports of your own design. Creating custom reports in ValuePRO is usually for more advanced master users. Many of our customers rely on our support and development team to help create these for them in our professional services offering. Should you wish to try your hand at it, here is a basic guide on how they are set up

What kind of reports are done through custom reports in ValuePRO?

Some of the more commonly used reports are done for revenue, productivity, work in progress per valuer and many more! This feature is truely customisable by users. 

If you have an idea for a report and don’t know how to start, we can help. You can also make use of our Training services to learn to do custom reports like a pro or learn anything else in ValuePRO.

We included a basic “Job list” report in ValuePRO so you can see how it works. This Job List report allows you to run a report for a specific period to see the jobs in the system for that time (as illustrated above and below) and other details.

custom report

The above report is in your ValuePRO system. Have a look at it for a sample. You can download it as a PDF, CSV or XLSX file and use it for further analysis in Excel or other BI tools.

Tell us what you would like to do for your next report. Happy reporting!


Question: Do you have a training session available for custom reports? 
Answer: ValuePRO engage users who need training upon enquiry. See more details on booking custom training on our website:


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