Empowering your property valuation business

The most experienced, innovative and widely used property valuation software in the industry.

Empowering your property valuation business
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The most experienced, innovative and widely used property valuation software in the industry.

The power of ValuePRO

ValuePRO Software is built for property valuers working solely in the property valuation industry. We understand the valuation industry. Our integrated solution brings you the most useful and customisable valuation software in Australia, New Zealand and abroad. The power of ValuePRO lies in the customisation capability for your unique business needs. 


Leading valuation software that drives business growth

Automate and enhance your business by using the most comprehensive software available. With our powerful integrations you can be sure your data is secure and at hand when needed. Save time on entering data with one source to manage all.

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Take ValuePRO with you

Use ValuePRO on Edge Browser, iPad and iPhone. Take your office with you, on site or on the road.

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A total solution for all your valuation needs

An all-in-one solution to manage your independent valuation practice. ValuePRO has the software solution for your property valuation business. A most comprehensive solution for any Valuation practice doing independent work as well as mass mortgage valuations via integration.

Maximise your efficiency and get more done with ValuePRO

Maximise your efficiency and get more done with ValuePRO

Stand out with professional reports

The report you give your customers is the window to your business and the result is
of utmost importance – not only in the correctness of it’s content, but also
the fact that your company stores that data safely and presents the content uniform and on brand.

One place for all your data

ValuePRO not only helps you produce quality reports, but it also serves as your company datacenter and stores your valuation data safe and secure in an 'always available' cloud.

ValuePRO Software is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Smart results

Bring your reports to life with ValuePRO and have complete control of your QA and approval processes. All valuation report types. Residential, commercial, rural and industrial. If you can build the template, ValuePRO can collect the data.

Always on brand

Our customisable template driven software allows your valuation practice to be unique, set your business brand in front and deliver accurate reports that are on brand, every time. Streamlined processes and template driven results ensure accuracy and peace of mind.

Top tier support team

With our strong values, commitment, and solid processes you get the best possible support in the industry. Our experienced support team is there to get you up and running as quick as possible and help you out when you need it.

Start empowering your business with ValuePRO