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8 Benefits of using Software for your Valuation Firm

8 Benefits of Valuation Software


There are a few very distinct and notable benefits when your valuation practice moves from a “large bundle of tools” approach to vertical software.

The benefits of empowering your team members with valuation software is described in the next infographic.

We look at the 8 biggest benefits of using industry specific software and how your business can reap the rewards of moving to a smarter software system where all your data is centralised.

8 benefits of valuation software
  1. Improved Teamwork
    Teams view and can collaborate on all work within the system, pick up jobs to be completed when one team member is away and complete the job. All communication is documented that is sent to your customers in ValuePRO.

  2. Improved Productivity
    Work faster and more efficient with everything in one place. All your data and media is collated in one job card for each job. Data links are available for Valocity and ValEx and your system can have those types of jobs ready for you to work on fast and efficiently.

  3. Always on Brand Reports
    No more messing around in Word or Excel with moving columns and pictures. Have your report sent in the same format time after time.

  4. Quick reports & Time Saving
    ValuePRO is the leading report writer for producing your own reports quick and saves you time grabbing the correct forms.

  5. Improved Compliance
    ValuePRO takes great care in providing world class security for your data and is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

  6. Reduced Risk on Business Processes
    Define your business processes like QA and approvals. ValuePRO helps to streamline these processes for your team.

  7. Mobile Valuation on your Phone
    Our leading mobile application is a full ValuePRO power tool on site with inspections. Use it to capture photos, recording of audio, video and text. The beauty of the app lies in the capability to complete your valuation on the go.

  8. Accounting Data 
    ValuePRO integrates with Xero. For all other accounting packages you can easily download the data from ValuePRO.
Centralised cloud data means your valuations are available across your suite of ValuePRO products, your data is recorded in a way that it can be replicated, reused and accessed at any time.

Making the switch to software will help you save time and improve the productivity of your business.