About ValuePRO

ValuePRO is a property valuation management software firm providing software solutions to leading property valuers world-wide.

ValuePRO Software Pty Ltd is a property valuation software development company based in Brisbane, Australia, owned and backed by VOLARIS, a global software firm.

VOLARIS Group offers vertical market software companies the ability to achieve growth objectives while retaining independence and focusing on the needs of customers and employees.

We aim to be a world leader in enterprise-grade software for property valuers.

ValuePRO is used extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Singapore and further afield.

The Value of Experience

Having worked for such a diverse array of firms and having to meet the unique requirements of each has bred flexibility and configurability into every part of our system. 

This level of experience means that, in all likelihood, we’ve probably already developed a feature for your particular business scenario that you need a solution for.  If not, we have the skills and know-how to customise it appropriately for you. 

First valuation management system to be implemented by multiple national valuation practices.

First ever multi-party LIXI valuation transactions.

First field valuation software product listed on the AppStore for the iPhone and iPad.

Used in rural, regional, metropolitan and multi-office and multi-time zone configurations.

Largest provider of valuation management platforms in Australia.

Start empowering your business with ValuePRO