Mobile update

New photo capturing feature while sketching

Now you can do sketching and photos uninterrupted!

Our development team has been hard at work on the mobile application adding the functionality of taking photos while you sketch.
This will see valuers drawing the floor plan and taking photos without having to close and save the map to take a photo.  This saves time and especially on the iPad version where the camera icon is visible in the top menu of the sketching screen.
Unfortunately there is not enough room on the iPhone screen to have the camera icon atop, but you can go to the pages menu icon and select “Photo” which also keeps your drawing active. When done with the photo, you will be returned to your drawing.

This will certainly help with time saving with continuous drawing while you walk through the property and take photos in one screen.

Version 8.50 brings this photos while sketching functionality today. Be sure to update yours!

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