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New Mobile App update available


Did you update your ValuePRO Mobile Application?

Make sure you are using the latest mobile version of ValuePRO 

ValuePRO iOS App update 8.50


ValuePRO updates the mobile application regularly and this is available to download in the Apple App Store. To check you have the latest version, search ValuePRO in the app store and check if your version is current.

Our latest update included a few very handy upgrades and enhancements our users asked for recently. Please have a look and should you have any questions for us, email our support team.

Our app has had some design and layout changes over the last couple of updates. See if you can spot the changes! 

See our change log for more details on the specific changes we made.

General Release 8.50



iPad Sketching – Allow the taking of Photos whilst sketching (Note, new photos are added to the current Job) 

What has been fixed


  • Updated number keyboard key button border colour.
  • Check for existing photos before downloading photos sale/lease in background to stop duplicating the photos.
  • Sales map pin changes it’s position when zooming in/out.
  • In some circumstances, deleted sales/lease comparable records were still being displayed in the sales/lease tab.
  • Correct layout issue with the delete lease button.
  • Sketching, ensure room name is entered horizontally.
  • Sketching, layout issue with the numeric input ruler.

Handy features to note

Our mobile sales data map is displaying the subject property in a red marker, while the sales evidence items are listed in coloured dots. You are now able to select the colour of the sales evidence dots according to type of sale.


Sales evidence map in ipad
Colour picker for sales pins