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Stay ahead in your field by using the most powerful, independent property valuation software. Equip your team with the tools they need to produce market leading & accurate property valuations. ValuePRO Standard Edition is a cloud based solution that can be used on your desktop pc or laptop.

ValuePRO moves with you

Extend the full power of ValuePRO to your iOS mobile with our modern application - available from the Apple App store. The mobile edition is feature rich, easy to use and takes the full workload of ValuePRO Standard Edition.

Seamless workflows to save time

Operate intelligently on one platform. 

ValuePRO is the most experienced, innovative and widely used valuation software in Australia and New Zealand. Discover how ValuePRO can transform your business. 

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Data Integration

Your sales data subscription can be automatically integrated with well known property data services. Export data from other data sources and import them in ValuePRO.

All-in-one software

A complete, end-to-end software platform with everything you need to run a property valuation practice.

Peace of mind

All of your data stays within your control, you get improved compliance performance and reduced risk with ValuePRO’s built in pre-testing of reports. ValuePRO is certified ISO-IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015.

Ground breaking augmented reality sketching on your iPhone or iPad

Measure areas on site without a disto!

ValuePRO work with popular disto brands too. Speak to us to find out more.

The ValuePRO Mobile App AR Sketch video
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Mobility and ease

Our iOS mobile app lets you use your iPhone or iPad to collect data on site in no time. Measure a room with your phone camera! Take photos and video, dictate, take notes and voice recordings for transcribing back at the office.

Accurate valuations

ValuePRO creates professional valuation reports that is on brand and customised to your business needs. You can even switch between ValuePRO and Word or Excel to customise your report further. Great for unique properties outside of the normal report structure.

Track communication

Keep your related customer communications safely within your software. Have complete control of your communications with built in templates. ValuePRO lets you stream all of your job related communication (email, SMS, fax) into the system.

Work smarter, not harder

Receive and complete all your work in ValuePRO. No more double data entry and double data handling from various places.

You control and own all your data, including photos and documents, customer data and communication, all in one place with data that is easily searched and stored safely for recollection.

Collaborate with your team in real time with modelling that is logical, simple and time-efficient.

ValuePRO helps to protect your work with encrypted or locked PDF reports as required by some institutions, that you can confidently brand.

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