Microsoft ValuePRO toolbar

The ValuePRO for Office toolbar

The value of having ValuePRO integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel goes beyond the already great functionality of the Standard Desktop Edition, being integrated with your favourite editing tools. Your data is live and completely editable in a visual format giving you full control of your report before sending it to your customer.

Editing your report further in Word

This functionality also comes in handy for those “outside the mould” type of properties that surpass any template you have built. It helps you to quickly add unique content to your report and have that unique final report saved to the job card under the documents tab.

Let’s say you have to do a valuation on a property that has multiple storage sheds for private planes. How do you go about including this detail with your standard template? Not worth creating a whole new template for just this one instance, for sure. ValuePRO solved this conundrum beautifully with our ValuePRO Office toolbar. It allows you to open your job in Microsoft Word, edit it in a visual way that suits and saves the edited version as your final report in ValuePRO Standard Edition, ready to send to your client.

Watch this short video for a demonstration on the ValuePRO Office toolbar.

ValuePRO powers the tools you already use and love. 
Using Office with ValuePRO
The Office toolbar is included in all new installations of ValuePRO Standard Edition.
Have ValuePRO but without an Office integration installed?
Get in contact with our team. Depending on your customisations and existing system, our team will check your compatibility and will help to get the setup ready for you when possible. Should you have any questions, please let us know in the support portal.
Word and ValuePRO integration

Start empowering your business with ValuePRO

ValuePRO’s key features

  • Valex, PropertyIQ & VMS Integration.
  • Integrated sales property data from a data source like RP Data, PropertyIQ & PriceFinder.
  • Mobile field data collection with an app on your iphone or ipad.
  • Xero Integration.
  • SMS and email built in.
  • Word and Excel based report templates.
  • Commercial, rural & industrial, not just residential.

The benefits to you

  • Fully hosted & managed cloud solution – no need for servers on site.
  • Peace of mind from having local backups handled for you.
  • One source of truth for your data.
  • Hugely customisable – no two firms instances are alike.
  • Work with the tools you already use like Word and Excel to drive your reports further.
  • ValuePRO comes with your standard report template that you can customise even further as well as create new templates, as many as you like!  Use tools you’re already familiar with such as MS Word and Excel to modify and create new report templates.
  • ValuePRO is the most experienced, innovative and widely used platform in the industry.

To read more about the ValuePRO Toolbar see our Knowledge base. You can update your version and learn new features easily from our Knowledge base.