Inspection dictation

Do a quick site inspection without writing or typing everything!

ValuePRO mobile application using dictation to enter inspection notes

Doing site inspections can be tedious and timely. Getting all your notes written down or typed takes time,  you may wish there was a faster way of doing this!  Good news, there is!

Some people use the voice recording functionality built into the ValuePRO mobile application to transcribe when back in the office, or have a team member help with that. Some property valuers use the video capability to do the same. These are both very good options to do it quickly.  There is another option available to you should you want to make use of dictation. It is one of the fastest ways to enter text into a job!

This dictation capability is built into the keyboard of your mobile app. We will show you how in the video below.

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The ValuePRO mobile app keyboard lets you dictate the field data instead of typing by clicking on the microphone in the bottom right hand corner. This turns on dictation and stops when you click the keyboard icon. Try if for yourself! It is really quick and easy and if you need to learn to use dictation to it’s full potential, see the Apple support channel for hints and tips on dictation.


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