The ValuePRO Mobile App on Ipad

Have ValuePRO in your pocket wherever you go

The power of ValuePRO is extended with the handy mobile application. This allows valuers to work from anywhere with the full power of ValuePRO in their pocket.

The mobile app makes field data collection a breeze. We highlight below a few of the benefits of having such a handy application.

The app let’s you:

  • Collect field notes and property data in your own way using forms of your design.
  • There are more than 5 different ways to enter details into the app.
  • Sketch a property without paper from scratch or by making use of Aerial Photography or scanned/faxed building plans.
  • Accurately measure distances with a Bluetooth enabled Laser measuring device, integrated with our app.
  • Access your documents, photos, sales data in the field with or without an internet connection.
  • Dictate notes, write notes, do voice recordings and have them transcribed by your office before your return.
  • Scribble notes freehand – no more scraps of paper that fly away in the wind.
  • Annotate your photos easily and have them added to your job in real time.
  • Visually plan your day with Calendar integration, maps, navigation support, routing suggestions & more.
  • Capture information about each room, no matter how many there are – 7 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, a warehouse with 4 offices?  No problem.
  • Add new sales evidence from the field and easily update photos of sales data properties too!
  • Measure and draw a room with your phone camera.

Augmented reality sketching on the app  

Room sketching and measurement is now available paperless – without a disto – with our mobile application’s AR sketching. It works on your iPhone or iPad and comes included with the app. See a demo on the video:

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