ValuePRO Support Fair Use Policy

ValuePRO is dedicated to providing quality support and has implemented the following Support Fair Use Policy to ensure that all customers are treated equally and receive the same high standard of service.

  1. 1. Support is an integral part of your ValuePRO subscription and is included in the overall cost. However, to maintain equitable support services, we reserve the right to moderate access to support for customers who exceed the average level of support consumption or submit an unusually high number of support requests compared to customers of a similar size. 

  1. 2. As part of your ValuePRO implementation, you nominated a Master User to administer your ValuePRO system. This user should serve as a mutual first point of contact for any “how to’sand enquires. During on-boarding, your Master User received training in the following areas: 

  1. a. Data Entry Template Authoring 

  1. i. Creating new fields 

  1. ii. Field use parameters 

  1. b. Report Template Authoring 

  1. c. Email Template Authoring 

  1. d. Users and setup/passwords 

  1. e. Valuation workflow 

  1. i. Adding a valuation 

  1. ii. Status changes and actions 

  1. iii. Managing work-in-progress 

  1. 3. If a significant portion of the support requests received primarily involve basic system usage, Report Template or Data Entry Template authoring inquiries, we may take the following actions:  

  1. a. Offer paid training sessions to address your business-specific requirements 

  1. b. Moderate access to support to ensure that all customers receive equal access to our support resources, commensurate with their account size. 

  1. 4. Our support team may request additional information to assist with resolving your support tickets effectively. This information could include screenshots or organizing a screen sharing session. 

  1. 5. Our dedicated support team will work diligently to resolve reported queries as quickly as possible. However, it’s important to note that response times may be influenced by further information requested from you by our team. 


Please contact your account manager should you need more information on our Support Fair Use policy.