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ValuePRO is licensed on a per user basis.

Your setup fees cover the initial import of your legacy data and training your users.
Your monthly fees cover the cloud hosting, backup, technical support and continuous upgrades and R&D that we use to keep your platform on the leading edge.


Pricing Summary

Licence AUD $ USD $ NZD $ GBP £
Standard Per User        
One time Setup $1,000 $1,000 $1,350 £600
Monthly $190 $190 $270 £120
Optional Mobile Software Per Device      
One time Setup $250 $250 $325 £200
Monthly $30 $30 $40 £20


Standard Edition - Just Bring your Web Browser

ValuePRO is an application delivered to you via your web browser.  We host and manage the application for you, so you don’t need to purchase or manage servers, install software and all the other hassles that traditional software deployments bring.

For each user in your firm that needs access to ValuePRO, you’ll purchase a Standard Edition License:

Once off Setup Fee (per user): AUD $1,000.00 EX GST
Ongoing Monthly Fee (per user): AUD $190.00 EX GST

Note: We no longer require a minimum 3 user license - single user licenses are now welcome

Mobile Edition – Just add your Favorite Mobile Device

Not all of your users may wish to use a mobile device for field data capture – so you don’t need to pay a mobile license fee if you don’t need it just yet.

Our mobile software license allows you to swap at any time between Windows Tablet, iPad or iPhone devices without paying any additional license fees.  Your monthly fees entitle you to access the updates and support for ValuePRO software on your device:

Once off Setup Fee (per device): AUD $250.00 EX GST
Ongoing Monthly Fee (per device): AUD $30.00 EX GST

Optional Extras that make life easier

Receiving Faxes and E-mails into ValuePRO is included in our fees.  Optionally, you can add multiple fax lines to distinguish between faxes directed at a given office – contact us for line rental options. 

You may also want to access the convenience of electronic faxing and desktop SMS transmission.  Below are some of the optional services ValuePRO provides:

Sending a Fax – anywhere, any number of pages – with lifetime storage: AUD $0.50 EX GST
Sending a TXT anywhere, 160 characters: AUD $0.16 EX GST
Sending a completed job to Valex or VMS: AUD $1.00 EX GST

We are also available for customizing the programming of the software, providing additional training to your users, consulting, on-site support and development services:

Customization, Additional Training, Consulting Service: AUD $165.00 EX GST per hour