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You’ll find that ValuePRO has the richest and most flexible feature set of any software platform available to Property Valuers today.  Our extensive experience in working for firms large and small all over the world has given us a deep understanding of what works for you and what you need.

Valex, VMS and PropertyIQ Panel Integration

Instead of having to jump between various bank instruction systems such as Valex, VMS and the PropertyIQ Panel system, you can simply receive and complete all your work in ValuePRO, using a common workflow and methodology.  No more double entry and double handling. 

Unlike manual entry, you keep all of your data within your control.  We also help your compliance performance and reduce your risk by pre-testing your work before submitting it to the bank.

Field Data Collection on iPad, iPhone & Windows Tablet

Our Mobile Software platforms let you use your favorite mobile device to:

  • Collect field notes and property data in your own way using forms of your design
  • Sketch a property – from scratch or by making use of Aerial Photography or scanned/faxed building plans
  • Accurately measure distances with a Bluetooth enabled Laser measuring device
  • Access your documents, photos, sales data in the field with or without an internet connection
  • Dictate notes – have them transcribed by your office before your return.
  • Scribble notes freehand – no more scraps of paper that fly away in the wind.
  • Take photos from your device or wirelessly via your separate point & shoot camera using Eye-Fi (www.eye.fi) support.
  • Annotate your photos – generate an extensive set of site notes
  • Visually plan your day with Calendar integration, maps, navigation support, routing suggestions & more.
  • Add New Sales evidence from the field
  • Capture information about each room, no matter how many there are – 7 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, a warehouse with 4 offices?  No problem.

Property & Sales Data Integration

Got a subscription to RP Data, PropertyIQ, REIV, REINZ, Terralink or PriceFinder?  Currently wasting time re-entering information from these external web sites such as ownership, recent sales and title details?

Now you can save time by having these data subscriptions automatically integrated into your ValuePRO system.  As you receive new jobs in ValuePRO, relevant property data, photos and sales evidence from these systems is automatically pre-populated into your job ready to use.

Sales and property data is then automatically streamed down to your mobile devices when you synchronize.

Valuation Report Generation

ValuePRO comes with a standard set of Report Templates that you can customize and add to.  Use tools you’re already familiar with such as MS Word and Excel to modify and create new report templates entirely of your own design. 

Use our ValuePRO Ribbon in MS Word to easily drag and drop your merge fields into place.

ValuePRO’s Report Template engine is the most capable in the world today with unique abilities that enable you to automate almost any conceivable report format.  Features include:

  • Full Support for output into MS Word .DOC, .DOCX, Open Office formats, CSV, XLS, TXT, XML and Secured PDFs.
  • All MS Word features supported – headers and footers, tables of contents, indexes, etc…
  • Date, Number, Checkbox, Risk Rating Bars and Text formatting
  • Insert Documents within Documents – to any levels of depth
  • Easily handle 1-to-1 data, 1-to-many, many-to-many and custom complex data structured n levels deep.
  • Support for IF…THEN…ELSE style logic and other MS Word Mail Merge features.
  • All Excel functionality including Graphs and Formulae are supported
  • Make repeat blocks in Excel out of any named range, repeat horizontally or vertically
  • Automatically Insert MS Excel calculation models into your Word Templates – sprinkle named ranges throughout your MS Word report.
  • Insert Templates within Templates to n-levels of depth
  • Insert Images and control bounding heights, widths and scaling modes
  • Add watermarks to photos with XIF data such as Date & Time taken, Latitude and Longitude, Compass Direction etc… for non-repudiation.
  • Have the formulae within your MS Excel Calculation models write results back into your ValuePRO database.

Correspondence In & Out

ValuePRO lets you stream all of your job related e-mail, faxes, SMS and even Voice Mail into the system.  It acts as a universal inbox, consolidating all instructions received regardless of which channel your customer uses to send to you.

Easily convert an e-mail into a new job or select several pages from a fax to be attached as building plans to an existing job.  Caller ID and Client card details are used to automatically associate correspondence with clients and jobs.

ValuePRO also accelerates repetitive or even ad hoc communications back to your customers using their preference of Fax, E-Mail, SMS or XML.  From customizable correspondence templates, your users will be prompted automatically with a draft message when it’s time to alert your customer about their job.

Best of all, you’ll have full search, traceability and visibility across all job related correspondence entering and leaving your firm from a web browser.

Management Reporting

Built-in reports, graphs and maps give you commonly used indicators of how your business is performing.

You can take it to the next level with our MS Excel template based customizable reports.  Set up subscriptions so that valuers or clients are sent a customized report every day, week or month in the format they require and to the Fax or Email address they want to receive it on.

For even more flexibility, ValuePRO also provides you with your own Web Based SQL Reporting Services solution (similar to Business Objects and Crystal Reports).

For ultimate access to your live data to be used in the software application of your choice, simply make use of our secured ODBC compliant SQL read only access to your production database.

Commercial, Industrial, Rural & Specialty Valuations

The ability to automate just about any conceivable format of valuation report extends to commercial and all other forms of non-residential valuation work.

Our system has been used for Plant & Equipment valuations, industrial and retail, depreciation schedules, agricultural properties and even motor vehicles.

The system comes with a very flexible Commercial Sales and Leasing database that can be easily tweaked to your own design.  Existing commercial sales and lease evidence you have can be imported.  Valuable commercial data can be search, amended, used and re-used within your firm like never before.