You have an experienced company as a partner

Here are some interesting facts about ValuePRO as a choice of partner for your valuation business:

  • To date – ValuePRO has been used in more than 15 million property valuations. 
  • We have more than 18 years of software innovation and industry leadership behind us.
  • Thousands of users across hundreds of firms in over 20 countries use our software daily.

Achievements & Firsts

  • First Valuation Management System to be implemented by multiple national valuation practices.
  • Largest provider of valuation management platforms in Australia.
  • First ever multi-party LIXI valuation transactions.
  • First field valuation software product listed on the App Store for the iPhone and iPad.
  • Used in single user firms and 200+ user firms
  • Used in rural, regional, metropolitan and multi-office and multi-time zone configurations.
  • In some metropolitan and regional markets, ValuePRO market share represents greater than 50% of valuations performed.

The Value of Experience

Having worked for so many firms of different shapes and sizes and having to meet the diverse requirements of each has bred flexibility and configurability into every part of our system.

This level of experience means that, in all likelihood, we’ve probably already developed a feature for your particular business scenario that you need a solution for.  If not, we have the skills and know-how to customise it appropriately for you.

We’re not the IT department of a valuation practice that competes with you.  We’re a software development company that focuses and specialises on the needs of valuers.

Start empowering your business with ValuePRO