ValuePRO Development and customisation

We can help with development and customisation

Do you need an out-of-the-box solution? No problem.

ValuePRO’s skills and experience are called upon by a wide variety of industries to develop project specific software from the building blocks that make up our platform for valuers.

White-label systems development
We are engaged with valuation firms and re-sale partners to develop highly customised editions of ValuePRO that are re-branded and badged with our customer’s product names. We have the ability to deploy embedded development team members into your organisation’s IT department so that you can fast track your in-house software projects with on-site access to expertise combined with our ready-made and constantly updated software components.

Cloud solutions for business
ValuePRO develops and provides strategic advice for cloud and mobile hybrid applications for a variety of businesses in fields such as:b

Mobile applications

Our rich library of data collection software and experience with mobile devices means we can help your organisation develop and build customised applications for iPhone, iPad and Windows faster and more reliably.


Geo-Spatial Solutions – Integrate sketching and measuring into your own application

Our ground breaking Property Sketching and Measurement Application for iPad, developed from the ground up by our in-house team, offers other software developers the ability to add this functionality into their existing iPad applications.

Our ability to customise the sketch and measuring experience to your requirements rapidly and at far lower cost than building from scratch gives your application all the advantages of a self-build without the drawbacks.

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